King Brown, Hair Texture, Murray's La-Em Strait

Straight from the horse's mouth. King Brown Premium Pomade. water soluble med hold med sheen fresh cologne scent flower extracts for hair and scalp conditioning.

Jake Brik Barbershop

Not every style has is a pompadour or contour, has a side part or is looking for comb lines. @jake_brikbarbershop with the fun and easier texture styling It's a fresh look and goes great with that beard You can look and feel like it's still summer. Pick up a nice clay or matte pomade to pinch.


Murray's Waterbased Pomade


Stocked up on my Murray's selection. My most famous pomade of theirs is the la-em-strait firm hold gel pomade. Have your given this a run yet? Try it out by clicking one into your next order. All it takes is $25 to get free shipping for US residents. Don't hesitate, stop by and take a look.




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