Layrite Beard Oil, Fresh Cuts & Pomade, Suavecita
This is a new revolutionary concentrated beard oil from Layrite. Layrite's Concentrated Beard Oil has a thicker formula that aids in easier even distribution and creates a protective barrier on the skin and hair to help lock in moisture. 
Clean line up and style with Reuzel pomade
A great lengthed style and a super clean line up. Cut out of Black Moth Barbers, Reuzel was used to finish off this fine cut. Little additions of pomade can lead to texture. It's when you add more that the style lends itself to more refined styles. 
Suavecita Texturizing Pomade
Texturize hair, eliminate fly aways or frizziness, add shine, polish curls, waves and sculpt your hair with this fine water soluble pomade. Suavecita Pomade has a sweet floral/berry scent and is a great gift for anyone. When she knows what she wants. This lovely lady ordered 3 to handle her business.



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