Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil

We’ve all seen the typical beard oils haven’t we? Well here is a new spin on the traditional by Layrite. Layrite has come out with a concentrated oil scented as a mild cream soda aroma. Coming in a generous 2 oz. tube, the pour is a bit Neosporin like. This isn’t the regular couple of drops for your facial hair oil.

This consistency helps with the overall application. Kind of like putting in a light hair cream or lotion. Beard oils are wonderful, but, you need to know how to use them on your growth and exactly how much to apply, especially if you have lighter growth. A couple drops too many and your beard can be weighed down.

Concentrated Beard Oil is easier to apply, distribute and absorb into your beard. Hydrating your beard and the skin below was Layrite’s objective, no more dry and itchy skin underneath. Here’s a product that is soothing, conditioning and fast absorbing that leaves your beard looking healthy and groomed.


Best used after a face/beard washing. It’s simple, a dime for a shorty and quarter for a beast beard. If your hands seem to do the job then presto, if you need a bit more help run through a comb or use a beard comb.



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