Layrite Grooming Spray

"A versatile, all-in-one spray that gives you more control to maximize your style." 

Do you want some life to your hair or something a bit easier without the crunch of hairspray? Looking for texture to a style or something to help you before or during the application of a pomade? Layrite’s grooming spray adds volume and is a great grooming aid to help you adjust your methods while attempting to achieve the best style.

Tame frizz and fly-aways without a sticky after feeling. Like they say, “There is no wrong way to use it.” Best thing is that it won’t weigh your hair down and will never flake. For those who tend to use a blow dryer for pre-styling and want a bit more security for their style. Grooming Spray is the best alternative to just water in your hair. Water alone can break down the hold of a water based pomade. Just towel dry your hair well and spray away awakening that well known classic Layrite scent we all know.




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