Lockhart's Fire & Brimstone

These Lockhart’s Pomades are their annual Halloween/fall season edition.

Fire & Brimstone

Lockhart’s Fire & Brimstone Medium: 4 oz. The pomade itself is a dark black color with a incense scent of agarwood and sandalwood. Very reminiscent of the red ceremonial incense sticks we tend to see here in Southern California. An easy to scoop and apply medium pomade perfect for dark hair. Made my hair look twice as dark and with a nice shine to it. A waxy pomade with a comfortable weight and softness to it.

Fire & Brimstone

Lockhart’s Fire & Brimstone Heavy: 4 oz. Let me just say this tin label is real nice. Kind of reminds me of those old Marvel Masterpiece comic cards. The pomade itself is a burgundy reddish tint. Went very nicely with my darker brown hair upon application. The scent is the same as the medium hold. Loving the slickness of this heavy which can be used for almost any length of hair.

Fire & Brimstone

Now these pomades might give way to complaints for the lighter hair colored men. As the black and red might not go so well with a blonde mane. For such a color/s, I recommend using these pomades sparingly at first.

The scent, application and build up will leave you knowing that your money was well spent. We all expect nothing but quality from Steve and Nichole Lockhart, only because that’s all they ever deliver.  




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