Lockhart's High Shine, Expect Reality, Battle Wax
"The biggest pro, though, is it's shine. Holy frijole, this stuff is what I imagine Crisco would look like if you applied that to your hair. I don't need that level of shine, but shoot, I dig it. If you have fine hair that's on the thin-to-normal side, I'd definitely give this a try." -Timothy D. Not to mention the scent is so good with a clove and cinnamon aroma.
World's ugliest dog
Not everyone has thick hair or a thick beard. Keep your expectations rooted in reality. Take inventory and then assess what is and what isn't. What you want and what you have, needs to meet somewhere.
"Smells like butter cookies and cocoa butter , while taming my quite unruly beard . It's also priced fair , ships quickly , and it's a veteran made product . Win , win , win." -Joseph P. A uniquely hand crafted recipe. It is then hand whisked and whipped before cooling. These pomades are made with all natural ingredients and top grade essential oils.



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