Lucky Tiger, V76 by Vaughn, Lyles Barbershop

Keep the luck going a little while longer with lucky tiger There is a bay rum aftershave, mustache wax #and their crubutch control wax The last is a premium hold to crew and buzz cuts as well as other short and dramatic hairstyles. Lucky Tiger Control Wax is stiff enough to make a rockabilly pomp stand tall yet soft enough to work gently into the hair. Perfect for that clean fresh barbershop look.

Vaughn Styling Cream


The styling cream is an easy to apply cream and provides a great hold for thin or easy to work with hair. This cream helps add moisture, shine and creates easy separation. Create volume and texture for a more natural look by way of  #matte finish medium hold waterbase Add their exceptional detox bar soap.


Lyle's Barbershop

A little throwback post from @lyles_barbershop Mr. Brian Burt always brings down the gavel of justice on haircuts as you can see. The guy has been around and is now currently cutting out of 6026 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR 97213 The week is going to be  a short one because everyone is ready for a food blizzard. Get those appointments and cuts in.





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