Man's Best Friend, Mr. Ducktail, Rounded Pompadour
Rock and Roll never looked so good. It never smelled this good either. Now that's a #pomade tin with 14, yes, 14 ounces of Mr. Ducktail and his cola scented nostalgia.
When man is man's best friend. What a cut and shave can do. It's already Thursday and many #barbers are now appointment shops. Get your "foot in the door" before you get out of step. Summer is almost over but the heat is still around. Will you be going with a shorter or a style with more length this time around?
Liking what @james_reichwein did here with this looser styling. The style looks comfortable and well managed. A minimal product look that you can achieve with any favorite pomade. Try a rounded front pompadour type style with a comb and simple ease into a finger combed look. You know how much pomade your hair needs, then add a tiny bit more as your hair will absorb some moisture.



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