Mason's Pomade

Mason's Pomade is actually names after John Landis Mason. Mr. Mason was a tinsmith and patentee of the metal screw-on lid for the fruit jars now known as Mason jars. Basing their brand a prohibition era theme. Mason's Pomade's goal is to craft sustainable quality products for a diverse range of men's hairstyles. They have two grooming products and let's get to them.

Water Based Pomade (White Lightning): It appears as a regular water base pomade with minimal resistance upon scooping. It is an easy to apply water base that gives a nice strong hold. This pomade contains grape and hemp seed oil to restore moisture while providing hair health and function. No real tug but it is recommended to have a minimal amount of water in your hair. If you want more hold apply it dry. 

Matte Clay (Bottom Barrel): For a natural look and no shine finish. A completely easy matte that won't weigh the hair down and has great control. This also contains grapeseed and hempseed oil. If you are looking for a product that can give you volume and is easily washed out, give this pomade a try. 

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