Mason's Pomade, Father's Day, Classic Bat Girl
Mason's Pomade is now being stocked for your grooming pleasure. They bring you a waterbase (whitelightning) and a matteclay (bottombarrel) Choose from a #natural shine or a medium shine and heavy or medium hold. Mason's Pomade was actually named after John Landis Mason, the creator of the metal screw-on lid for the fruit jar known as a mason jar
Step up to the plate this time. Get those fathers day gifts early. Those good Dads out there deserve something nice once in a while don't you think? There's little time left and you don't want to put yourself in a pinch and get just any cheap thing. Stop on in and find that stand up guy something you think he would appreciate.
1960's Bat girl
Keeping it classic for this week's #wcw #yvonnecraig, the actress best known as Bat girl on the hit 1960s television series #Batman She also appeared in a number of #movies, including two that starred #elvispresley



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