Mister Pomadour, Blowdried, Work Hazards
Mister Pompadour moroccan #paste is in. A #medium hold which provides structure to your #hair without leaving it feeling stiff and rigid. Ideal for shorter hair #styles particularly messy styles, but will also work well with longer hair for extra definition. Helps #repair and #moisturize hair that might otherwise be dry and damaged by containing #coconut and Moroccan argan oil Mister Pompadour
Some might dissaprove but a blowdryer can be a very useful tool. For days when your hair does not cooperate, to apply product easier, and if you like to apply product dry. @barbertownworcs blowdried, to create a little volume through the top and finished with the @reuzel matte pomade as it won't weigh the hair down.
Not really what you want to see, much less, have to deal with. You might be wonder why, or at least what is this. This woman is a hair stylist who always cuts her clients hair dry, dirty and unwashed. She received a hair splinter that became deeply embedded within her finger. The finger became severely #infected landing her in the hospital and on IV #antibiotics for 1 month. S/O @mrs_angemi (She has a great page.) If you get a hair splinter, take it out with some Irving Barber Co tweezers They are ideal for removing short hair splinters



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