Mister Pompadour's Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner

Now, I offer you many products for your hair, your beard, to shave and the tools to do such tasks. There are many a company who bring quality hair products to the table, maybe making you question a shampoo. Adding a product to your hair is not the end to your plight, the way that addition is removed might aid in more difficulties. So today, I introduce you to Mister Pompadour’s take on things.

Msiter Pomapdour

Many a company go the mint/peppermint route, why? Even if you are not too fond of such an additive one thing is for sure, it will excite your scalp. That’s the main objective here, scalp, not hair, scalp. Deep clean and remove the oil and dirt that the day naturally leaves. Awaken and cleanse your scalp, invite the arrival of healthy hair with this peppermint shampoo. An everyday helper that will not dry, strip, nor irritate your beloved follicles. Give this shampoo a minute of your time, you’ll thank yourself.

Mister Pomapdour

Now the icing on the cake. What should a conditioner do? CONDITION! Applaud the work your hair has done for you throughout the day with this one. Leave that moisturized feeling while adding shine and body. Natural peppermint infused along with vital botanicals and nutrients. Mister Pompadour has very high quality and concentrated ingredients.



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