Monday's Start, Daimon Barber Horn Comb, House of Dom
Just ordered last night and you are already waiting? Order on the weekend and those orders all go out Monday. Each and every order is shipped the next day during the regular work week. US orders I safely say take between 7-10 days but many get there way before. Thank you for your patience and support, I hope your weekend treated you as good as this week will. mrpomade Free Shipping on US orders of $25 or more.
The Daimon Barber Horn Comb : "The horn material has good feel in hand and through my hair. I've broken many combs before as I have thick, strong hair, but this one is holding up great. All that while looking very cool." -Brendan C. A horn double tooth comb that is handmade with the finest natural cow horn. When cut and polished the horn reveals it's unique and beautiful patterning. No two combs are the same and they're made in England.
House Of Dom
@houseofdom keeping things nice and slick. Look at those fenders and that DA. Kind of looks like a flattop boogie when they grow out. I like the shine in hair, even though at the moment there is a matte wave that has come around. Either way all the products that are coming out are getting better and better. Variety is always good. 



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