Mr. Fine, Burly Fellow, Nostalgic Pomade
A great combination that can be used many ways. You might ask, why does a #bearded man need aftershave? Some beard styles go for crisp lines, so the beard oil will take care of the hair and skin underneath. The after shave will take care of the skin after a razor's touch. Your skin won't use as much oil as your beard needs, that's where the after shave comes in.
Bad haircuts bring out the best of friends
Would you rather get a bad cut from a new #barber or wait however long until your barber is available? 
Nostalgic Pomade
"This pomade is awesome, not to mention the delicious fruit scoops scent. The ingredients are extremely healthy for your hair and the consistency spreads great. It's an unorthodox water base so expect a little effort to scoop, but to spreads through the hands well. Nostalgic did it right with this formula." -Michael S. If the #pomade is good, the customer is happy.



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