Mr. Rory Calhoun, Prospectors Coal Mine
Before becoming an actor he worked as a boxer, a lumberjack, a truck driver and a cowpuncher. Rory starred in over 80 films and 1,000 television episodes. As a man of many accomplishments, he knew that looking good was essential to catching looks and keeping them. Mr. Rory Calhoun embraced the natural wave and looked like a man's man.
Prospectors Coal Mine Matte Pomade
"A superb Medium hold. Awesome packaging. Smells great. Scoops out easy. Combs perfectly: Just the right amount of tug, with still being slick. Scent is even better in your hair. Has a high shine. Hold lasts all day. Easily restylable. Has good build up, and yet washes out rather easily. 
I've heard others give luke-warm reviews of this pomade. "It's GOOD, BUT... It's not breaking down any boundaries..." 
Uhh...? Why does it have too?! This is a lights-out pomade. Period. Buy it." -Christopher L. 



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