Muhle Shaving Soaps, Figaro Barbershop, Kelly Kapowski
Does your facial hair grow like crazy, or does the little that grows just bother you? Back in stock with the muhle aloe vera and sandalwood shaving soap Prepare your skin and beard optimally for a close wet shave. Great for sensitive skin and made from vegetable raw material, beeswax and mineral components.
Figaro Barber shop
@john_snow_figaros killing it over at @figarosbarbershoplisboa with this cut. You know that feeling when your #barber turns the chair around to show you the cut? Then you feel like a million bucks becuase they knocked it out of the park with their skills.
Kelly Kapowski
Who didn't have a crush on Kelly Kapowski back in the day. (Possibly still on going.) Saved By The Bell was such an addictive show. When that theme song came on it was catchy and ingrained in your soul. The shows were funny and the cast was perfect.



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