Murray's Shampoo, Low Taper, Uppercut Deluxe Monster
Removes waxy pomades and oils from the hair easily and painlessly. This is a great everyday shampoo that will remove dirt, grime and any oily build-up you don't need in your hair. It will also remove wax based pomades from the hair as well. This formula doesn't overly dry out the scalp or hair at all either.
Murray's Shampoo
Now here we have a really nice and low taper. It looks really nice this low, it gives the longer hair more area while still haveing that clean #nape that every cut needs. S/O @cutthroat_george #folsombarberclub Great texture and cut.
"I have thick curly hair and during the summer time, this product comes in handy. I play soccer so during a game or practice i can sweat as much as I want, I still maintain a superb pomp." -Aj H. Monster Hold is a heavy and strong pomade that is waxy with a medium shine. This extra powerful, sweat resistant wax has been created especially for challenging styles where a little extra hold and grip is required.



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