Murray's Water-Soluble, Viva Las Vegas, Shiner Gold.
It's back. "From awkward teen fro, to David Beckham hair in less than a minute. It's the closest thing to changing your genetic makeup, without the fear of reverting back into a monkey." - Hamzah A. a verified buyer, be sure to check out one of the 26 reviews on this product.
Jimmy Q
Sick barber was doing some fine cuts at Viva Las Vegas like this one here on Jimmy Q. I was unable to go this year but did manage to get someone to shoot a couple car pics for me. Did any of you go? Styled with Shiner Gold Pomade
It's time to cruise on out of here for the day. Whether your #travels are across the city or across the country, be safe. Looks like good #weather down here in Southern California, so soak up the fun and be the



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