Nostalgic Handmade Pomade
Nostalgic Handmade Super Water-based Pomade- Barbershop scent. A great strong holding water based pomade that never gets hard and washes out. Thick to scoop yet simple to breakdown and apply. The barbershop scent has notes of #talcum#amber bay rum #and #sandalwood Get yours while they last.
Nostalgic Handmade Water Based Pomade- Fruit Scoops scent. Undeniably one of the most spot on scents out there. Some companies say "Orange scent" and you get cheap smelling chemicals. When Nostalgic said "fruit scoops," they even added the milk! This water base is a medium made with mango butter and argan oil A non-setting #pomade that will leave your hair feeling soft with a clean sheen.
Nostalgic Handmade Cream Pomade - Mango Sage. This cream works well at conditioning your hair and providing a light to medium hold. Moisturize by way of capuacu butter which will also make you hair feel soft and nourished. Scented with #mango and #sage which smells amazing if you are into fruit scents
Nostalgic Handmade Clay Pomade - Teak wood Citrus. A no hassle clay, easy to apply and washable. This all day firm hold does have #mango butter which after the long day will leave your hair soft and healthy. All Nostalgic grooming aids are easy to scoop and apply.
First off, Merry Chirstmas. Here we have Nostalgic Handmade Medium Pomade- Drakkar Type. Newly reformulated, this medium oil base has an even smoother breakdown. Petro-free oil based formula allowing you clean build up with the ability to get the majority out in one wash. This time around in a Drakkar Noir type scent.
Nostalgic Handmade Firm Pomade- Pineapple Cilantro. A stronger version of the medium and a definitely pleasing scent to boost. The pineapple cilantro is an amazing for a #pomade Firm and soft at the same time. Run a comb through it like its nobody's business if you need. Get a classic look from a company that strives for quality.



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