Nostalgic Handmade to Nostalgic Grooming

They rebranded not too long ago. Same great quality and a few additions to the line. I have carried some of them and now added some of their others like: 

Cream (Mango Sage): A light-medium holding product that will be a staple in your collection. This cream will style your hair and hydrate your skin at the same time. When you open it you will think it’s a Anchor’s Aweigh pomade. When you feel it, you will know, that this is pure Nostalgic magnificence. Dave made this a very versatile cream. “This versatile product works as a stand-alone pomade, a topper, and a hair conditioning groom.  It can also be used to help degrease after using wax heavy pomades. It cuts right through the wax and leaves your hair super workable and soft.” Dave, there’s only four bases in this game and you knocked it out of the park, again. The scent is mango sage, it smells like an open bag of mango slices left on the dining table.

Clay (Teakwood Citrus): A thicker scoop and some damn nice hold. This scent kind of initially reminds me of the McDonald’s apple pies but with a wooden twist. This is a matte finish water based clay. Still fairly easy to apply for such a holding pomade. Volume and styling are not compromised even thought this clay will not harden up. Great for maintained textured styles, great comb lines and basically anything you throw at it.



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