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There are a couple more products by way of O’Douds that we have for you here. All O’Douds products are to help you gain something instead of stripping away your nature. Let us go one by one here starting off with the shave cream.

Shave Cream: These use to come in a black plastic container like most water base pomades come in. Now this revamping of the cream has brought us to this pump and pour shave cream. This cream will leave your skin nourished and healthy. To add to its uniqueness, it goes on mostly clear which helps aid precise grooming. I really like the spout for a shave cream as it just adds to the convenience and helps measuring. This shave cream is a unisex product.

Matte Paste: “A high hold, matte finish styling cream. For natural, voluminous, and textured styles.” After years of request a matte from O’Douds has arrived. Great hold for a paste, that can give you that volume that you have been looking for. Natural hair can only get so much height with any product. Go get even more height give your hair a little blow dry. This Matte Paste from O'Douds is formulated to give you a great strong hold for any hair type and set with a non-shine matte finish. It goes into your hair like a cream which makes for easy application and styling with your fingers, comb or brush. A great formula that you will love using day after day.

Standard Pomade: “A high hold, high shine styling pomade. Use for classic styles such as slick backs and pompadours.” Easier application and removal while retaining everything great about O’Douds pomades. Strong, pliable and sticky for an all-day hold. The scent is a cedar citrus. It washes out of your hair effortlessly, and because they are still using natural oils, waxes, and butters, your hair will stay moisturized and healthy. 

Styling Treatment: “A medium hold conditioning and styling cream with a natural shine. For manageable, relaxed, and natural hair styles.” A lightweight cream lotion type and deeply conditioning hair and scalp treatment. This is the type of product for your natural hair form. Use this treatment to keep your hair in place while your scalp reaps the benefits. Upo combing you will get a healthy suttle shine that's barely there. This type of product will work with your hair's natural oil adding to the conditioning. 

Multi-Purpose: PREVIOUSLY "WATER BASED POMADE" Their most popular product by a long shot, the Multi-Purpose Pomade is revolutionary in its versatility. From straight and fine hair to thick and curly hair, this pomade can handle it all. Use one scoop for a loose look, two scoops for a more refined look, and three scoops to slick it back.

View all O’Douds products here: https://www.pomade.com/search?type=product&q=odouds



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