Omega Shave Cream

Some more great Omega products, this time with the Shave Cream in a tube or a bowl. Let’s start off by saying that these are very easy to carry or store anywhere. The choice is yours, and some might say that these both perform differently.

The tube creates a very nice lather even from a minimal pouring in a nice eucalyptus scent. Allowing those who enjoy a nice close shave to get what they are looking for. Forming a nice glide from the glycerin in the cream and even good enough that it can be used without pre-shave oil.

The shave cream in a bowl provides a nice clean lather and the scent is eucalyptus as well. Coming in its own bowl and with a generous amount of product inside. A good cream for wet-shaving beginners to practice, experts to enjoy, and those who are in search of a new product and on a budget. Perfectly pair this with one of the Omega Shave Brushes and whip up a great shave.



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