Omega Shaving, Apreciate Looks, Dr. Squatch
A bowl to keep at home or take with you. This screw top shaving cream is a convenient addition to any man's routine. Use a #brush like this omega black shave brush or their travel brush for the on the go man. Lather this #eucalyptus scent and added oil to your skin.
Gene Kelly
Throughout your life you will definitely go through many styles. Some styles that work, some that are popular, and some that were just a total disaster. Times change and so do our features, that help us decide which grooming avenue to go down. The major thing to deal with is the fine line between what looks good and what feels good. May you be lucky enough to have both. Remember though, you will always have your feels, but you won't always have your looks. Treat them well.
You can use it anywhere your heart pleases when in the shower. That's why I keep an extra one for double duty. One for those shower and another to just wash my hands. I like to remind myself of the great quality lather and scent every time I clean up.



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