Personna Razors, Head Scars and Hair Cuts, PND X Mr. Pomade
Please don't be lazy or get cheap when it comes to blades for your razor or shavette Many grooming tools can go "bad" if not properly maintained. A blade shouldn't be something to gamble on. Get the closest and safest tools, these personna blades come in a pack of 10 for $3.50. Thirty five cents a blade is all it takes. Now the actual #shaving part, you have to figure out yourself.
Head Scars and Hair cuts
"Don't ever hide your scars. They are proof that God heals." S/O @jovanrfigueroa Even I have a little scar up there as well, what it was to be a kid. Now that we are a little more grown up it's not time to hide, it's time to rise. That is one clean cut.
Pomps Not Dead Mr. Pomade collaboration
Pomps Not Dead and Mr. Pomade greatness. "Like I've said before, I've been a huge fan of anything Pomp's Not Dead since 2013. This Pomade is on point. Has a very clean plumeria scent. Great hold, and great shine. I'm with the reviewer who said Mr. Pomades collabs are on the next level. This is another one that I am eager to pick up again." -Michael D.



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