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I had the pleasure of sitting down with some of the founders of Suavecito Pomade last week for an informal lunch and where we got to ask them a few questions. As you must know Suavecito Pomade is the juggernaut of pomade these days. It’s no secret that they are the kings of the realm and is the top selling brand here at the site. It was a blast to meet with them and talk a little candidly about their company and their thoughts on their future. They are very honest and down to earth people. It was more like good buddies hanging out rather than a stiff interview. Anyway, read on!  

- How has the change been like from your previous building been to this new headquarters?

Amazing. It has allowed us to expand a lot, hire more employees and create space for new bigger projects.

-How many employees are there now?

Just over 60.

-That’s nuts!

It’s a surprise to us as well. We never really thought we’d be where we are right now. It’s been a fun wild ride and I think we’re just getting started.

- It all started off with your OG and Firm. Now it has transcended into a slew of products including a women’s and even a premium line, so will there be any further expansions?

We have many things in mind for the future and don’t want to disclose too much, but one thing that we are really excited about is the expansion of the Suavecita line. One of our major in process projects is the addition of semi-permanent hair coloring that will be available in an array of different colors. We feel everything we do and every new product launched will be a little bit more exciting than the last. Our team is only growing and getting better creatively each day.

- I am curious to know if you are eyeing any new Suavecito vehicles?

Well we wouldn’t be Suavecito if we weren’t! (laughs)

-C’mon, how about a hint?

Where is the fun in that! It’s going to be a surprise and I think you will like them.

- So clever is the creation of seasonal scented and themed pomade tweeks and just about  everything you do. What is the driving force behind the brand?

Well, the cool thing about our company is that we are very family oriented and with that sort of chemistry in the office it’s easy to come together with new ideas and inspiration. When something comes out of office whether it be a new product, something on social media or direction the brand takes it’s a collaborative effort from literally everyone that works with us. It’s the team as a whole that drives the company forward and into new territory. We have such a diverse set of talented people here that it’s easy to stay creative and innovative.

- How does it feel to be somewhat of a hometown hero? Few businesses can say that they are born and stay in the same city while catering to their own as well as a global scale.

There isn’t a single person here who considers themselves a hero of anything really. Thank you for the compliment though. Santa Ana for us is home and everyone that works for us (for the most part) hail from this city. It’s the city that gave us the tools needed to create what we have today. We just did the best job we could for the company since the beginning and it paid off.

- What would you say to someone who hasn't tried Suavecito yet?

What’s wrong with you? (laughs) No, no, I’m kidding. Listen, we don’t try to push the product on anyone and it’s up to the customer to make the choice to try our brand. If he or she wants to know what it’s all about all we can say is; it’s a damn fine pomade at a damn fine price contained within it’s own little culture of really amazingly fun people. We have created a really cool little Suavecito Army of fans and it’s a lot of fun to be a part of.

Thank you guys.

Thank you!



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