Pompking Pomades

Foxy: This is their first water based pomade, a gel type. Offering a medium/ firm hold. This pomade is gender neutral. The tin has a nice little foxy lady and opening it bring you a nice neutral scent. Not feminine nor masculine but a good pleasing aroma. The pomade has a light tint and you can see the bottom of the tin. Scoops out easily and you can feel the holding power upon application. I would tend to put this in mildly damp hair best. If it starts to firm up just add a little more water of a favorite tonic or grooming spray.

KO: A good medium hold pomade. This scent is nice and sweet, kind of reminds me of the Knoxberry scent that Rogue Sideshow medium pomade has. This is a great slick product, almost a no-effort pomade glide in, what a nice characteristic. The hold is there with a nice waxy feel yet it is very manageable.

OG: A very good heavy holding pomade. I didn’t need to re-comb my hair with this one. Add some height to your style, assurance to your slick back and a classic feel to your life. It’s sticky and a little tug on the scoop, but I like that. I’m going for an end result that I can trust. This has a nice spicy citrus kind of bay rum scent. It reminds me of the Special Edition Rock Hard Schmiere scent.



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