Pomps Not Dead Bacon Grease and Pompage
"Most people seem to be hesitant to try this because of the smell description. I love PND so much that I decided to risk it and try it out. Not only is this a solid greasy lite pomade but the smell is amazing. Its like a pecan or smokey vanilla, so good that every time I open this thing I want to eat it! My new go to lite!" -Brandon R. 
"Typically I'm a Lockhart's guy, but I decided to try something new. From my experience, it's much smoother and easier to apply than all the mediums I have tried. It's light feeling with some great hold for a medium.... AND DON'T EVEN GET MY STARTED ON THE COFFEE SCENT. I'm addicted to this stuff and it just might be my go to medium." -Christian A.



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