Suavecito Premium Blends Deluxe Combs

Suavecito Pomade’s Premium Blends Combs.

I don’t think there is any company who pumps out more products then the pomade giant, Suavecito. Not too long ago I had posted about the Suavecito Unscented Pomade and now on to some quality combs.

These combs were designed in Japan to strict quality requirements and are handmade from 100% Zyl Cellulose Acetate which is a plant based material which makes them very durable.

With this collection, they wanted to give you unmatched durability and style. That they did, these combs are tough and I really like the architecture of the comb itself. When I get a hold of one of their combs, I can appreciate the taper on the handle. It’s a little helper when getting the top and bottom of the back of the head styled. Such simple things as the 2 grooves are a great catch, and the material is smooth and durable.

They went above and beyond with the collections colors:

Black Ivory Handle Comb    Cobalt Handle Comb    Quartz Handle Comb 

Greenstone Handle Comb    Pearl Handle Comb   

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