Prospectors Coal Mine Matte Clay Pomade

The company that has some of the nicest tins out there has released another. We have come to know them by the trio of Gold Rush, Iron Ore, and Crude Oil pomades. Now, there is another and it goes by, Coal Mine.

Infused with hemp oil as the rest of the line, Coal Mine is a matte clay pomade and the fourth installation. This a very nice natural looking style pomade. As soon as I opened it reminded me of a 19 Fifities pomade kind of Muk haircare product scent. The pomade is as smooth as it comes when scooping it out, so be careful not to grab too much at once. The texture becomes something different after the scooping. What I thought might become a little dry and pasty became even more smooth. My application to minimally damp hair only needed a nice couple licks.

My styling didn’t take too long to set and I still was pleased by the scent that was present. It’s a medium holding pomade with a healthy sheen, a nice notch above complete dryness. This aspect reminded me of the Suavecito Premium Blend’s matte.

So check out this water based clay for yourself, yeah, it completely comes out in one go. I went for the clean cut style first and then messed around with finger combing. Both styles gave me great holds and an ease to styling.

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