Prospectors Pomade, Haircut Inspiration, Classic Never Dies.
"This pomade has a different texture than other gel pomades. The quality of the product is very nice. I like using this product due to how easy it is to apply and comb through, for I will give this pomade 5 stars." -Brayan R. Cool repost off of the Prospectors Pomade page. Showing a clean Ben Davis shirt with a little guy peaking out. I carry their full line of pomades and all their sizes. Pictured is the 1.5 oz.
Clean taper and slick back
Glorious. @hayden_cassidy nails her cuts. Check out her page for references of great styles. Nice blend between lengths and from head to beard. This is one of those cuts that you wish your #barber would do, if they don't do it already. Clean, clean, clean
Fine lines of nice classic car
Somethings classic will never go out of style Just like the fine lines of a classic auto and the fine lines of a slick hairstyle Whether you are looking for a light, medium or heavy hold, clay, gel, cream or tonic, I'm here for you, Mr. Pomade. Here are some of them fine automobiles cruising the planet. These were shot at Viva Las Vegas



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