Red House Private Reserve

Who didn't ask Tre for a bit of a stronger hold is my question. As if the Red House original wasn't enough, and then this. Red House Private Reserve, Oh Lawd. The only real complaint if it even is a complaint is that it has a bit more waxy feel during the scooping. Oh, what a complaint... Private Reserve is very waxy in the hands but applies smooth to the hair and styles with little or no tug even in dry hair. 

Red House

This pomade is like giving Superman and extra power. Most "grease-heads" will just go for a heavier "grease" pomade while water base lovers just stay with those setting gel/hairspray pomades. This pomade impresses by having the hold and the convenience of washing it out.  Restyling is easy from this firm strong water base. A clean Barbershop scent with undertones of Bay Rum for this pomade that will pleasantly linger with every movement. Give it a  try for yourself. 



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