Reuzel Grease, Mr. Chapman, Lockhart's Hairgroom
Today's morning glory. Loosey goosey with Reuzel Pink
"Mr. Chapman, did you remember to order your pomade this weekend? If not it's still early enough to get it here pretty quickly Mr. Chapman." "Thanks Suzie, what would I do without you?" #pomade #mrpomade Free Shipping on US orders of $25 or more.
Lockhart's Men's Grooming Products
Stop on in for  some Lockhart's GREATNESS. I still have a couple Hair groom available. "This product is so great. You want to condition your hair with rich nutrients and get that soft feel after wearing multiple products, this is for you. Scoops like butter and applies so easy with an awesome healthy shine. This will forever be in my collection of products. Extremely good for your hair. If you haven't given it a try, you're missing out. 5 stars!"-Michael S.



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