Reuzel’s Fiber and Clay Matte

Reuzel came out not too long ago with two new products water based products for your enjoyment. Same great tins that the rest of the line comes in. The fiber tin is a dark blue color with off white art. The clay matte is the exact opposite with a off white tin and dark blue art. Let’s start with the Fiber Pomade first.

Fiber Pomade: This fiber is a nice creamy and sticky product. Not quite the different scents like the rest of their line, this one is a mint scent but kind of honey sweet. I would say the best application is on dryer hair or barely damp. For a good hold and a natural luster, the Reuzel fiber is the one for you. The application is much easier than their regular pomades as well. I went with a bit more relaxed styles when trying out these two pomades. Giving me volume and texture and allowing me a nice rounded form and nothing too forced.There are key ingredients in this pomade that strengthen the hair’s makeup. Preventing hair loss, fighting dandruff and stimulating the skin tissue.

Clay Matte: Mint scented matte when you open it up that has a heavier medium hold.  A butter like consistency that dissipates its cream-colored texture upon application. A great any style pomade that stays flexible and adds texture. I didn’t go running with this pomade but it does boast a sweat proof formula that is ideal for the active person. I had a normal day with this pomade myself and it worked great.  Using about 2 licks for a nice comfortable style, add a bit more for more control and heavier stylings.

What’s really nice is the key ingredients of vitamin E, Bamboo Extract, Quinoa and Aloe Vera. There is a bit of beeswax to help with moisture retention as well. The ingredients help promote hair growth and strength.





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