Rex Wax

Brought to you by Mr. Paul Branham, Rex Wax water based pomade was formed in Portland, Oregon. Beginning in 2009 as a moustache wax business. As many grooming companies, an expansion was inevitable. Rex Wax is one of those brewers that makes its products in small batches, adding to the quality by the attention to its products. 

Rex Wax’s water base is an all natural pomade in an amber glass jar with hippy styled graphics and the infamous gold lid. A 4 oz. that is alcohol, ammonia, cruelty, formaldehyde, paraben, silicon, and sulfate-free while being a fair trade hypoallergenic, for those of you who wanted to know.

Rex Wax

Some of you might have thought that Nostalgic Handmade was the only one out there with Mango Butter, surprise! Rex Wax contains water, aloe, hydrogenated castor oil, lanolin, beeswax, organic mango butter, vitamin e, borax, soy lecithin and essential oils.

Rex Wax

Scoop and rub are easy and application is nice lending a pretty decent heavy hold. Great for any style that you are trying to achieve from side parts to slick backs, curly to straight and pomps won’t be an issue. I have easy to work with hair and used around a lick and a half for the desired look I was going for. Did it hold all day for me? Yes, yes it did. For the mild day I had I didn’t even have to restyle my hair. Later that evening I washed my hair and the rinse out wasn’t too bad. You do have to wash your hair thoroughly as you should any time that you are washing your hair. This pomade made my hair want more. Those times when you remove a product and your hair feels healthy, real healthy, but you just want to add product for a more controlled styling. Rex Wax is a must try.



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