Richie Valens, Mr. Ducktail, Haircut Timing
Ritchie Valens, late rock star and local hero, gets a stretch of the 5 Freeway in the Valley named after him. How cool is that? A section of the 5 Freeway in the northeast San Fernando Valley will be named after rock ’n’ roll icon Ritchie Valens, who grew up in the area and had a stellar career before his untimely death. Signs along a stretch of the interstate between the 170 and 118 freeways that will be named the Ritchie Valens Memorial Highway.
Mr. Ducktail
This #shampoo degreases and removes waxy and oily pomades from the hair in less washes than regular store bought pomade will. It also has micro beads that will remove wax and purify the scalp. Has an amazing #cola fragrance that will wash over you in the #shower and bring a smile to your face.
When you don't need a haircut versus when you desperately need a cut right now. Plan accordingly ladies and gentlemen. Set up those #appointments or risk having to go to a "butcher" for a cut. Forget about lines when it comes to buying pomade too. Order a week before you think you'll need some more. Don't end up without a cut or pomade.



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