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Three more items to add to the big #mrpomade stock over here. I tried for a good while to get these in for you. Now here they are with the Modern Pomade, the Water Base and the Clay Pomade.

Modern Pomade is a medium holding pomade that will surprise you upon opening with its appearance. Rockriver says that this is their most versatile product to date. Opening it up brings a scent familiar to a department store’s Christmas area. It is an oak aged vanilla and tobacco scent that would be great for a candle scent in any office. The finger test of the product is spot on good, looking like a clear fiber. That assured me that I would be getting good hold. Easy-peasy on the application, I did have my whole head a slightly damp. I ended up with a great medium that was pliable, mid-day, I restyled my hair. I didn’t need to though and did so with my fingers. It lowered the shine but gave me extra volume and my hair still looked great.


I’m telling you, this scent is great. I am huge on scents because performance is hit or miss, but scent must be spot on. Rockriver’s Water Base is also a medium holding pomade. This pomade is made with the highest quality local ingredients. Branden literally formulates them with natural ingredients and no harmful byproducts himself. Scooping and application were easy for this type of water base. It’s a product that could be in the Nostalgic line. It has that natural shea butter type smoothness that I and my hair love. Good shine, good hold, and an easy wash. My hair felt great after to boot.


The hold is up there with this Rockriver texture clay. It’s advised to put this in completely dry and with dry hands. This clay is also 100% vegan. Something I noticed about Rockriver products is that they are a bit easier than most to scoop and apply. You can tell just by the look of the products alone. This is a lightweight product yet thick enough to handle any mane. A tad bit of a satin finish I might say, not a straw giving look nor feel pomade at all. To me this is the put your suit on pomade out of the three for me, it’s classy.


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