Royal Crown, Simply Great Beard Oil, Barber Cuts
The Friday Special. Just the right amount of hold by being not to stiff nor too soft. A true classic that has never gone out of style, the real bonus is the shine it gives to your hair. Royal Crown Pomade truly is a classic pomade.
Simply Great Beard Oil
A beard oil that works and smells great too. Make your skin and beard feel healthy and soft with this fine product. 1. Hydrates and nourishes skin and beard. 2. Freshly opened coconut scent. 3. All natural and made from raw ingredients. 4. Certified vegan and cruelty-free.
Gentleman getting a cut
@stitch_nz making @the_modern_butcher look proper even before the cut is finished. Cutting out of #unlceroccos in #mebourne, this style of cut with the #beard makes it look that much cleaner. Properly styled and accomodating, and don't forget to hydrate that beard with some #beardoil So get out there and try to get a cut before the evening's festivities.



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