Rustin Pomade, Baber Chair Relaxation
"First off, this pomade is a hell of a product. I've used pomades such as PND, Odouds, Lockharts and King Brown, all great pomades, but Rustin really just takes the cake. Its a solid medium hold, I personally have extremely thick hair and this stuff really keeps everything in place. The scent is extremely masculine and has a ridiculously nice and clean smell, I get complimented a lot when I use this product, definitely a lady magnet." -Ariel A. on Rustin Pomades
Little boy falling asleep during a visit to the barber shop
When it's been a long day but you need to get a cut at the end of it.  I would think that everyone has been in this situation or seen this before their very eyes. Very thankful for patient barbers and their skills. S/O @imrengursoy



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