Schmiere waterbased, PND Shape of Pomp To Come, Rustin Pomade
"I have to say, Schmiere Hard Water based Pomade worked better than what I thought. It was really smooth applying the product and surprisingly easy to remove,( with warm water). The cherry fragrance is nice but vanishes pretty quickly. Still a very good product for those of us with short to medium length hair. A+ in my book." -Ignacio S. on Schmiere Cherry waterbased pomade
Pomps not dead Pomade
"Solid product, great shine, easy breakdown and application, and smells fresh! Kind of reminds me of an aftershave type of scent. If you're looking for an old school greasy look without the hassle of it getting off in the shower then this product is for you!" -Aaron N. on Pomps Not Dead's The shape of pomps to come
Rustin Pomade
Rustin Pomades availabel here's areview on the classic: "First off, this pomade is a hell of a product. I've used pomades such as PND, Odouds, Lockharts and King Brown, all great pomades, but Rustin really just takes the cake. Its a solid medium hold, I personally have extremely thick hair and this stuff really keeps everything in place. The scent is extremely masculine and has a ridiculously nice and clean smell, I get complimented a lot when I use this product, definitely a lady manget. Overall, I cannot express how great of a product this is and this is definitely an underrated pomade. I strongly recommend this product, its my go-to pomade, and I can assure you it will be yours as well once you try this product out." 



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