Shear Revival Is Back!

I got in a healthy supply of 5 of Shear Revival’s products. The One Who Knocks to start the list. Followed by Crystal Lake and American Gardens. The Sawbones Beard Oil which has changed to and All-Purpose Oil, and the Huntsman Beard and Hair Balm.

I am going to change it up and use customer reviews from his site for this one.

The One Who Knocks: “This is simply one of the best pomades on the market. Scooping it out of its beautiful amber glass jar is easy if you're not a small child. The break down is smooth and it goes into your hair like butter but holds nicely and will keep your hair in place all day. And the scent. oh man, that scent. Who needs Viagra when one whiff of this is boner- inducing? (Also works on lady boners).” -Henry Rios

Crystal Lake: “Now I understand why this pomade is such a celebrity fuzz. I always wanted to try this out, but being a medium hold kept me away. So I give this a shot and son of a B'! Was I in for a surprise. The hold on this held my hair well. Depending how many scoops you use. You can make it a firm hold by adding 3 scoops and a half. I have thick wavy hair and it held really well. I use Blackship before because of its hold, but dried out my hair madly. Using CL actually revived my hair. My final verdict on this, CL is a phenomenal daily use pomade.” -Juan

American Gardens: “Overall, I like this product a lot. I personally love the smell, but I'm generally partial to herbal/citrus/pine scents anyways, so that's obviously pretty subjective depending on your tastes. Scooping the clay out for the first time was a little tough, but once you break through the top it feels like a very thick but smooth/creamy paste. Breaking it down is super easy.

Performance wise it does what it's supposed to. My hair is fairly fine but also pretty short (2.5-3 in. on top and tapered to 0.5 in. on the sides) and a bit wavy with a lot of cowlicks, so control without being weighed down is an issue for me. This product is not going to solve that problem (and I didn't expect it to), but I generally just do a messy side part and just ride with the waves because of it. This is perfect for that imo. It gives a wetter look than I expected from a clay, but i like that and it also mellows out with a little time. It doesn't have much control at first, but I found that if I let it settle for like 15 minutes after applying I can shape my hair a bit better. Good texture just using a comb, but finger combing for more separation looks great. My hair feels nice with it in.” -KT

Music Or Misery: “For those who didn't like the scooping from the last formula, well this time it’s done right. Which I really didn't have much of a problem from last formula. Many people scoop it out wrong, that's the problem. But now it's easier and also smooth applying to hair. So don't resist giving it a go because honestly it's a really good heavy that also feels light on the hair. Oh, and also a beautiful touch of metallic on the front picture.” -Juan

Sawbones: “I have never seen an outstanding beard oil and make my beard glow. I have use many beard oils in the past and left my beard dry after few hours and this one its not the case. I have used O’Douds and that was the only beard oil that didn't leave it dry, but I was still looking for more of the blanks that weren't filled. And this one has filled in the blanks. The glowing and the color of my beard That comes out of it, Wow! Awesome work on this one Zach! You deserve a huge applause on this one.” -Juan

Huntsman Beard and Hair Balm: “I was already a fan of the first formula and now with this new formula makes me fall in love all over again. The scent it's really nice and smooth. The hold got a lot more better for those with rebel whiskers like me. Great modifications.” -Juan

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