Shear Revival Northern Lights Matte Paste

Named from “Screaming To The Northern Lights” by The I In Team. Each jar of Northern Lights is handmade with quality plant-derived ingredients. Straying away from harsh chemicals like similar salon-style products. Zachary truly believes that they are bridging a gap between home-brew and cosmetic lab products.


An amber jarred paste with a really nice label and fancy metallic image. This paste is a medium more firm holding aid with little to no shine. The ending beauty is that it is water soluble. I applied this to dry hair as advised. I got a nice creamy scoop, that, added to my dry hair always scares me. However this charmed upon application and I found it to be a almost effortless. Very smooth for a paste and a nice covering of the hair.

 Once done my hair looked exceptional and I still had movement upon a little shake. I got the height I wanted with a confident hold. No need for a restyle this time and when I was ready the paste came out with just water. The scent is a sweet citrus, oak moss and sage. When I opened it though I swore it smelled like chocolate to me, and a good one. I am really liking this scent very much.



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