Shear Revival Oil, Vaughn Detox Soap, More than just pomade..
This is the manliest accessory one can have on their face. Helps to heal your skin and facial hair keeping it looking healthy and soft. You can use this oil on any part of your body that you find fit. Just go a little lighter if it's on the skin, and add a touch more for hair.
Midday got ya feeling a little grimey? A little quick #face wash can all you need to stimulate and refresh your step. This natural body bar, blended from detoxifying mineral clay and a nourishing oat botanical, gently cleanses for an invigorating clean. 
You think Mr. Pomade is not for you? Well think again Sir, do you not have any head hair? Well, for the hair that you do let grow I carry #mustache #combs and #waxes #beard #oils and #balms too. Don't forget the #shavet ools like #razors, #shave #soap and #cream #aftershave and i even carry #toothpaste.



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