Slick Devil Classic Pomade

If you know Slick Devil you have come to love the tobacco vanilla scent. Here we come to admire the newest addition which has proven to us that this product is great. This is a medium hold and true classic pomade without the fuss.

Slick Devil

This pomade not only has the shine of a true classic, this pomade is as close as you can get to a classic and have it be water based. This pomade had my hair looking good, really good. I was so happy with the ease of the styling and outcome of the actual style, I thought it couldn’t get any better. I got compliment after compliment on the superb shine this had, better yet was that it didn’t harden. My hair was comfortable, kept and smelling great with this classic edition.

This pomade comes out kind of like a little thicker apple sauce. You’ll see when you get your own and scoop out some goodness. I thought it was thick at first but led to a smooth hand rub and application. This pomade has shine like Layrite’s Super Shine and a nice hold like a Grim Grease water base. Best thing about this pomade is it washes out even without shampoo. This Slick Devil is a pomade that holds and looks like a true classic and washes out with supreme ease. The weird thing about it is once it was out, when my hair was dry, my hair felt thicker. Maybe residual pomade, but whatever the case, it felt thicker. Not the typical gel pomade dry straw hair, just a good stance and feel. I love this pomade all around.

Slick Devil knocked it out the park with this one. I wouldn’t hold off on this one, it’s a definite must try!



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