Slick Devil Classic, Trust Your Barber, Skip Traffic Buy Online
Slick Devil Classic a unique formula is blast to use. It goes in super easy, smells great and performs like any other water based medium hold pomade with one huge exception, it doesn't harden up on you. It stays pliable all day long, allowing you restyle if needed. It also washes off the hands effortlessly without needing any soap.


Well groomed gentleman with sidepart
Great caption: "Me and this guy have been growing his hair out for about 4 months and it finally is starting to do something nice. So glad you stuck with it and believed in me." Trust your #barber, he has a view you cannot get.


Beat the traffic
Don't deal with the everyday traffic, let me get your grooming needs out to you. All US orders over $25 get free shipping. So no need to be apprehensive, add that extra product that you want to try out.



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