Stickmore Pomade

People are talking and saying this is a great pomade on top of some build up. They’re correct. This is one of those classic looking hair styling pomades. A true medium holding pomade that will get a bit more hold with a little more pomade. The tin is has only a simple top label and is a flat 4 ounce with all the needed information on there.

I personally get a nice hotel type soap scent which I love. For some reason it reminds me a bit of 19 Fifties matte clay scent which I am a fan of.  You get that nice tiny bit of resistance that mediums have but smoothly. I would compare it to Lockhart’s medium pomade. You can feel the density of the application and get an initial idea of what’s to come.

This pomade is definitely on a classic level of grooming. Ingredients are listed as beeswax, USP petroleum, castor oil and fragrance.



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