Suavecita Pomade, Beardstruction, Clif Charcoal Facewash
A scent that was to appeal to women yet it became unisex. I get just about as many orders by women then I do men. #suavecita is the pomade giant #suavecito's counterpart. Texturize hair, eliminate fly aways or frizziness, add shine, polish curls, waves and sculpt your hair with this fine water soluble pomade. Suavecita has a sweet floral/berry scent and is a great gift for anyone. 
It takes time to grow a beard
The waiting game can seem like a road block. If you are going to attempt to grow a #beard, you should be ready to give it a couple months. Let the fullness come out or at least so you can see what you are working with. After a couple months you will have a new "canvas" to work with. From this point it will be the easiest to leave alone, trim a little, or completely vow to become an avid shaver.
Cliff Original Soap
Let your skin know you care. I am a morning shower person, this is perfect for myself before I sleep. My face feels lighter, refreshed, and it puts my mind at ease. For those of you who wash at night, this is perfect for your mornings.



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