Suavecito Fall, Keep things tidy, Odouds Matte Pomade
Only half of our stock went up for some reason. So that means that you have a pretty small window to get a hold of Suavecito Pomade fall Oak Moss pomade Same great pomade with a scent twist. 
This is my good and hairy friend @fivestrings Check out his #youtube video on a simple and easy way to keep things tidy. We tend to use these products to keep our hair neat but sometimes everything gets full of them. I can recall having shiny jeans from simply rubbing my hands of pomade on them. Check out the video.
"I've been using Odouds please for about 5 years now and my pomade to go is the water base one. This new line is awesome same scent good hold and the hair locks in place. Consistency of the pomade is creamy and spread I your hair very easy. Highly recommended." -Kenneth



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