Suavecito Hair Cream, JS Sloane Lightweight, Good Looks and Health
Start your day with a pump, a pump of Suavecito Pomades Hair Cream. Apply to damp or dry hair and work in thoroughly. This is a true gentlemen's product and for a gentlemen's hair. It provides a healthy look and a nice light hold. It also smells good with a light sweet fragrance. What this product is, is a hair cream that goes into the hair almost like conditioner and sets into the hair with a subtle hold. It doesn't stiffen up and you can run your fingers through your hair throughout the day. Shout out to Suavecito Pomade
JS Sloane has a superior hold as well as a heavyweight and medium, but have you tried the lightweight Brilliantine? "It does a great job and it smells like unicorns and sunshine." -Ryan B
Well groomed gentleman with a beard
​A nicely groomed Dave Driskell Owner of CrossFit Wanderlust BALI. This is a reminder that it is important to take care of yourself inside and out. 



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