Suavecito Matte Pomade

I got the green label and ran this through all day yesterday and was pleased. Here we have the giant back with some more goods for you to choose from. Suavecito’s matte pomade is probably one of the lightest scooping and applying pomades. The surprising thing about it was the texture change after scooping. If comes out as a light lotion and when you rub it in your hands it will thicken up. Kind of the way a shaving cream tends to work.

When you open it up and upon initial viewing and feel, you wouldn’t think that it has much hold. This pomade had an all-day hold. I did take 2-3 scoops as my hair is short this time around, but that’s any pomade. You don’t get that super setting that the original and firm hold give. You’ll get a nice hold and a hint of a natural luster that will blend into any uncoated or shorter hair.

I applied this around 8 in the morning and tried to mess with it around 6 to see what would happen. My hairstyle was still impeccable, though I strongly advise not attempting a restyle without any water. Though, after a touch of water I restyled and got the same nice comb lines I got with the first try.

Suavecito’s matte is scented just like its staple pomades. Completely washes out in one try even before any shampoo is needed. Leaving your hair with a nicely conditioned feel.



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