Suavecito Beard Oils & After Shave

You know I’m big on scent, and here we have a plethora for the senses. Not only are the scents unique, the quality of the ingredients is, well, Premium. “Made from the greatestthings on earth” and who am I to debate that?


There are five, yes, five beard oils now available as well as three after shaves being added to the terrific line. “Suavecito Premium Blends is a project with a mission to curate traditions and methods that are important to the industry of barbering and hair care.” Let’s jump in.


These are the five beard oil scents available. All Premium Blends oils have been aged in North American Barrels. From Oak Bourbon, Whiskey and even Hungarian Oak Barrels. All oils are proudly made here in the USA.

Add an appropriate amount to where your beard will enjoy the subtle things offered. A drop or two may be enough, and a bit more for any thicker growth. Apply drops to your palms, rub together and infuse your beard. These beard oils lend themselves to removing tangles while softening the beard and protecting your hair. Everything and anything that you want with great scents for facial hair.

All these after shaves contain menthol but a fleeting menthol. Then comes the scents that you initially chose. This is the greatness of alcohol based after shave. The tug and pull of quality. First the bite, then the refreshing feel and on to the energetic aroma. These can also be doubled as colognes which add to the versatility of these wonderful shaving aids.




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